Thursday, 27 October 2016

An Initiative by Dr. Devicharan Shetty on World No Tobacco Day

World Tobacco Day is an International awareness campaign observed on May 31 every Year. Created by The World Health Organization is 1987. The motive behind this campaign is to create awareness about tobacco consumption and people appreciate the campaign by neglecting the consumption of any form of tobacco. This is observed all around the globe. The importance of this day is recognised by all people around the world and they spread awareness about the prevalence of tobacco use and its negative effect on the human health. It sounds unbelievable to quote that around 6 million people die because of high consumption of tobacco. Among this 600k are non-smokers whose health is being affected by secondhand smoke. Talking about their global observance, World No Tobacco day is being celebrated by all from local clubs to city councils to a national government.

An Initiative by Dr. Devicharan Shetty on World No Tobacco Day

Similar Initiative was taken by Dr Devicharan Shetty on World No Tobacco Day. He is presently working as a principal of department of Oral pathology at I.T.S Centre for dental studies and research. He has published around 21 research and case studies on different topics of Dentistry.  He inaugurated a programme on World Tobacco day at I.T.S Dental College. This campaign was also co-inaugurated by Dr Atul Kumar and Dr Vinod Sachdeva. The campaign was being organised in more than six villages of district Ghaziabad. With the help of his worthy team of doctors concerned about the health issues by Tobacco, he made the campaign a real success. He led his team in spreading awareness about the harmful effects of Tobacco and knowledge about the basic oral health. During this awareness campaign, he has examined more than 2500 people for the precancerous and cancerous lesions of the oral cavity.

Dr Shetty spoke to the future dentists about the important role of dentists in spreading the awareness about the negative and ill effects of Tobacco. His inspiring and revolutionary speech created an enthusiasm among the students to create and impactful impression on the tobacco consumers. In his auditorium session full of students, faculty and patients he highlighted the actions to take for the prevention of the ill effects of tobacco. In explained that it's not only smoke which affects but any form of tobacco including the chewing one, which has covered and negatively affecting the area. Not only active smoking but passive smoking is injurious to an individual’s health. The young generation is falling into the trap of this hazardous habit. Among the patients, he examined during his campaign he has also provided important information about the methods of quitting the tobacco. He has inspired his team and vowed that they all will take all possible measures to eradicate this bad habit which has badly gripped this society and spoiling our future generation.


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