Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How to Prepare for AMU Medical MBBS Entrance Exam 2015

Here we are gonna tell you how you can prepare for AMU Medical MBBS Entrance Exam /Test 2015 . Here we will you about the AMU Medical MBBS Entrance Exam Tips and Advice so that you can easily crack and achieve what you are aiming for .

How to Prepare for AMU Medical MBBS Entrance Exam 2015 :-


Now here will try to make you enriched with all the information that you need in order to crack out the AMU Medical MBBS Entrance Exam 2015 .Now if we start in this you should be very serious about the preparation as it will not be easy in terms of clearing this exam , you need proper preparation and resources .

Now the question paper will have round about 200 questions in three sections - Physics , chemistry and biology .Here are some points and tips that you should have in your mind if you are thinking of preparation of this exam :-

Multiple choice Questions :-

Now you guys need to take this section very seriously as this section confuses the most . All the choices always seems to be the correct one . You need to carefully read out the questions and need to think out the right answer that will fight the query . It will be best to practice these questions in various mock test and practice papers so that you have experience in this section .

Where to start :-

The next thing that might come in to you mind is that which section should we start first . Now it is very important to have a good start always . Now we all have our favorite sections , its all up to you which section you feel more comfortable . Some people find chemistry easy while some feel physics only need good knowledge of formulas to crack . What ever you choose first it is very important that you have good knowledge in that . Always remember that first impression of paper always influence your marks .

Cut off Marks :-

Check out the cut off marks of the previous results that will surely help you out in preparing yourself for the exam . It is always helpful to prepare by having a good aim , like you should prepare according to marks that you think will be enough and good to secure a seat and which you can achieve.

Time management :-
The most important thing in this is that you should have proper time management if you wanna secure good position in AMU medical admissions 2015 . Don't waiste a lot of time in thinking if you are not sure about the answer just go to the other one so that you can attempt maximum questions in 180 minutes .

Hope we have covered all the topics like How to Prepare for AMU Medical MBBS Entrance Exam 2015 | AMU Medical MBBS Entrance Exam Tips and Advice . If you are left with any other doubt then you can always come first to us we will try to reach out to you as soon as possible .


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