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AMU MBBS Entrance Last Year Question Paper 2013

If you are preparing for taking admission in MBBS in Aligarh Muslim University then you should have a look over the AMU MBBS Entrance Last Year Question Paper 2013 . This will give you a very much idea about what exam you gonna face in 2015 and also will help you in preparing for your exam ..

AMU MBBS Entrance Last Year Question Paper 2013 :-


Now it is very important for any exam that you guys prepare it very thoroughly by having all the ideas about the syllabus and the pattern he / she should opt so that he/she can score well and able to secure a seat .Also here we are providing you guys AMU MBBS Entrance Paper 2013 as well as Expert analysis so that you guys feel easy to crack your AMU MBBS Entrance Test 2015 .

1- BIOLOGY Section :-

The first section was biology section and there were total of 200 questions and topics involved were :-
  • Diseases, both plants and animals.
  •  Names of discoverers and inventors.
  •  Important dates and places.
  • Cycles such as kerb’s cycle, photorespiration cycle, and photophosphorylation cycles.
  • Formulas of respiration (tidal volume, IRV, ERV, inspiratory capacity, residual volume) and their relationship. Ecology and environment.
Now we gonna focus on somethings that might help you in securing all the important topics that can make yo guys feel panic while in exam like:-

  • Remember the important people like “the father of genetics”, “the father of ecology” 
  • Remembers the dates of various treaties and meetings and operations 
  • Questions related to diseases, their symptoms and cures and causes are frequently put up 
Now it will be better if you guys write up all the biological cycles . Question can come from any cycle or can ask about any enzyme .. Also there can be questions related to names of all the National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Biosphere Reserves and their year of establishment, their population and any sort of environmental activities related to them. It is to advised to have all the concepts clear before specific time of exam so that you guys can cover up with time and also can revise it so that you don't feel any such problems .

2 - PHYSICS section :- 

Now for the physics section questions will be more from these topics :-

  • Bridges ( potentiometer )
  • Zener diode
  • Current electricity
  •  Magnetic effect of current
  • moment of inertia
  • optics (light, reflection and refraction)
  •  transistors
  •  Sound waves
Now as per the AMU MBBS Entrance Paper 2013 there was a fair share of application based questions so you guys must prepare yourself for that .Now if we talk about physics one of the most important thing that maximum students should focus is formulas so that they able to solve numerical in exam which helps a lot in securing good marks .

3 - Chemistry Section :- 

Now the next part comes is chemistry section . There gonna be 50 questions in this section too mainly from the topics mentioned below :-

  • block elements(s,p,d and f)
  • hydrocarbons
  • amines, cyanides and amides
  • solutions
  • chemical bonding
  • states of matter 
Now for chemistry section it is important that you guys must have periodic table in your mind . See the shapes and orientation and hybridization state of different compounds. (Pyramidal or octahedral or tetrahedral or square planer and 3 others).

·         Not every question in chemistry is an easily answered one. There were some twisted ones in the paper of 2013 such as finding the boiling point of solutions and then arranging them in an order. There could be others such as finding the melting point, vapour pressure, osmotic pressure, Practice those questions.

Hence we hope that we have cleared all the major topics that can help you in preparing all the major sections involved in exam so that you guys can manage your time and practice all the important papers . If you guys got any query regarding What is usually asked in AMU MBBS Entrance Exam and the Question Paper Pattern then you can always come to us we will try to reach out to you as soon as possible .


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