Saturday, 14 March 2015

AMU Class 9 Interview Questions | Class 9 Interview Tips

Now guys as you have sucessfully done with your AMU class 9 Tests and results will be out soon  , you should start preparing for yourself for Interview Session . Now we are here with AMU Class 9 Interview Questions | Class 9 Interview Tips so that you can easily pass through it and don't feel panic while preparing for it  .

Now as we all are waiting for our results it is best to practice some of the interview questions that might be asked by the panel at the time of interview of the candidate who is eligible for the further process . Here we are with the list of the Class 9 Interview and Practice questions that you may face on the other side of the bench .

AMU Class 9 Interview Practice Questions :-

It is best to practice all these questions be your side so that you feel more confident while answering to all the questions that will asked at the time of class 9 admission interview .So here it comes :-
1- Tell Us about Yourself .


Now this is  the very basic and starting question that will asked on every level of your career or where ever you are facing some interview , so it will be best if you guys prepare this from this level only .Now the best thing you should do in this that prepare a short description about yourself and practice it thoroughly . Don't go out of point . Just tell them about yourself , your family , your hobbies . Try to be fluent and confident .

2 - Why do you want to join AMU ?


Now the next big thing that comes in this is Why do you want to join AMU ? This must be very good . As they are getting  alot of  applications for the admission process , everyone wants to take admission in AMU . So your answer should be very impressive .You try to give out the real reason why you wanna join it .Don't go buttery on them .Try to be specific and to the point answer so that you can stand out from the crowd .

3 - Your Aim of Life .


Now the next thing that you should prepare at your point is that what's your aim of life . Now you should tell them what you wanna do in your life , how you are preparing yourself to achieve that aim .Now you need to convince them that you are a deserving candidate for admission and you are active kid that has a bright future .

4 - Whats Your Favorite subject .


Now this section will be a tricky one which has been chooses by you . Now they will ask you about your favourite subject and they are gonna ask you some basic questions from that subject which you need to answer . The subject which you say must be good in your mind so that you can answer each question well .

5 - G.K and Awareness .


Now in this section they are gonna test your G.K and general awareness . Now for this section try to have hands on some good gk books . This section will not be having tough questions , if you are having some basic knowledge about the current affairs and whats going on around the world then you will be able to crack this section well .

6 - Psychometric Analysis

It is a relatively easier section, there will be simple situations or question on your behavior to certain problems and day-to-day events. Just be what you are, in a slight proactive attitude, you'll do well. 

Now that was all about the list of few AMU Class 9 Interview Practice Questions | Class 9 Interview Tips and tricks that can help you in go through the interview session . Now you guys have cleared your entrance test , so you are already a confident guy who is just going to meet some people and going for a little talk about yourself . Don't panic at all . Stay calm and confident .If you guys still got any doubts regarding amu class 9 interview and admission process then you can contact us , we will try to reach you out as soon as possible.


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