Sunday, 1 February 2015


How To : Study Tips and Techniques 

Guys Now you are in your first year of college and its very important that you score well in your first year . Now the next questions that might be coming in your mind is : How to study effectively in your first year of college ? or what are effective study tips,techniques or methods to score well ? Dont worry Guys is gonna improve your study skills so that you can perform well in your college .

Students  find it difficult with how to start studying a subject in first year.  New college new life gives you an opportunity to study different subjects. Some you might be interested in and some you might find hard to study.


As its your beginning  of college life don’t differentiate a subject as hard or easy all are of same level. Sometimes we make a perception about a subject by listening from others experience. Avoid this thing as you are a fresher. No matter that you like a subject or not, you will have to study. It’s a matter of habit you make while studying.

We all learn best in our own ways. Some people do better studying one subject at a time, while some do better studying three things at once. Some people do best studying in structured, linear way, while others do best jumping around , surrounding a subject rather than trasversing it. Some people prefer to learn by manipulating models, and other by reading.”  - Bill Gates

How to study in classroom?

One of the best way to learn is through listening. Listen to you teacher attentively and its better if you prepare notes during lectures. If you feel difficult to understand any topic during lecture, inform your teacher and get it solve in class. Summarize what you have learned in class so that you can refer it afterwards.
IMP: "Note down important points you have learned during lecture"

How to study yourself?

Here are some best study skills and techniques which matters when we talk about learning a subject. Here are some steps you can follow for easy and effective learning.
  • Collect all the study materials together.
  •  Read the topic ones or twice on the basis of your understanding.
  •  Now close the book and start writing on the topic about  you read. If in case you find it difficult to remember what you read – Don’t stop try to think. Write whatsoever you remember about the topic.
  •  Now refer to the topic from the book and compare it with what you have written. Is the topic clear to you? If yes , GREAT! I assure you will remember it for long time.
  •  If you feel hard to understand. Don’t worry! Read it again and again until you find it easy to write on this topic by yourself.
This method of learning help you to remember the topic for a long time And the good thing is you are already preparing your notes side by side. These notes will help you to brush up the subject. I will suggest you to revise the topic in four days gap.

Get rid of distractions while learning.

Keep your cellphone and all chatty things aside . It restrict you to concentrate on your studies. When you sit for studying, your main concern should be for study only. Keep all valuable and disturbing stuff aside in a bag.