Thursday, 26 February 2015

How to Crack AMU Entrance Exam : Expert Tips and Advice

If you guys are considering amu as the next ladder for your carrer then you must be curious about some basic questions like : How to crack amu entrance exam , how to take admission in amu , AMU Exam Pattern and Entrance Tips, How to study for AMU Entrance exam .Then here is the sollution for all you guys that can help you out in mapping out your entrance path for amu .

Expert Tips and Advice on How to study for AMU Entrance Exam .

Now here we have summon some great points that can help you guys in not getting confused while preparing for amu entrance exam . You no need to get scared by the amu entrance syllabus or books , you just need to go through the exam pattern and the best books that can help you in scoring good marks in entrance exam .

1 - Right Path :- 


The first most and the most important thing in this process is that you guys  are following a good or right path as mislead can make you loose your chance of scoring a seat in your favorite course in AMU . It is also very important to consider we all have our own speed of learning so in that we all should spend some time in mapping out our route for preparation and need to follow that . We don't need to cram every thing , as by somehow everything is related to something which can help us out in learning many things that can be theory of magnetism or the never ending formulas of organic chemistry or maybe the intestinal systems of frog, cow or an earthworm .

2 - Use your own Notes :- 


Now as you guys are gonna follow up some books for your preparation then there must be some places where you guys don't gonna understand the language of the author , you might need to spend some time on that thing . But now at the time of exam you cant spare that time on such things then it is very important that you guys have your own prepared notes so that at the time of exam you can easily go through them at good speed so that you can practice previous year papers as much as you can .

3- Dont Just Cram:-

Now maximum of us in a habit of cramming the difficult terms or topics that we takes time to understand . We will not suggest you such thing , as now you are gonna study technical study in which you must have good knowledge about your stream so that you can have that in your practical experience after study . You just need to right down such terms with meaning on paper and go through with them every day so that you find easy in exam also it will help you in generating a habbit of not cramming of your subject which will help you further in college .

4 - Partition :- 


Now as a whole book you will feel very hectic to learn , you will be scared by seeing a huge book to study . The best thing for that is to divide your subjects then further topics so that you can learn at faster pace . Now start preparing your topics and further on start making note of that . Learn the chapter , make the notes and understand it and go on to the next step that will easily help you in achieving your goal of completing your subject and preparation for amu entrance exam test .

5 - Explore beyond Books :-


We will advice you that you should not only depend on the books for the preparation for amu entrance exam .You should explore beyond books .Also some times you will be confused by seeing different answers for same topics or questions now in that case consult your teachers and use verified  sources and prepare your own answers .
Also you can have a look on  Best Books for AMU Entrance Test Exam Preparation

So that was all about from our side that can help you in understanding some important and basic points like How to crack amu entrance exam , how to take admission in amu , AMU Exam Pattern and Entrance Tips, How to study for AMU Entrance exam . Also try to solve previous year and practice papers as much as you can so that you guys feel no problem while sitting in examination hall .You can anytime contact us if you feel any problem or you have any question regarding amukhabar , we will try to reach you as soon as possible . 


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