Sunday, 1 February 2015

AMU Mtech Thermal Engineering Syllabus

Being a student of  M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Thermal Engineering you have to be very precise about your studies in order to have good academic results. Now to schedule your study and other thing you need to access the mechanical engineering with Thermal Engineering syllabus in AMU or Aligarh Muslim University. Don't worry AMUkhabar is always there to help you in you studies, career and finding jobs. 

As You have pursued bachelor's in mechanical engineering and as per your keen interest in thermodynamics you are pursuing your master's. You should be excellent enough in terms of research in thermal engineering. Thermal Engineering syllabus comprises of course related to theory and its applications. 

Mtech Thermal engineering subjects:

The following is list of subject you have in your course ie for 1st sem , second sem , 3rd sem and 4th sem in AMU Mtech Thermal Engineering Syllabus .

Semester 1

  1. Adv. Mathematics, Numerical Techniques & Tensors.
  2. Measurement & Control.
  3. Modeling Simulation & Computer Application.
  4. Advance Thermodynamics.
  5. Adv. Conduction & Radiation Heat Transfer
  6. Advanced Fluid Dynamics.

Semester 2

  1. Combustion Engineering.
  2. I.C. Engines .
  3.  Elective-I 4 /Elective-II 4
  4. Thermo Fluid Lab.
  5. Convective Heat Transfer

Semester 3

  1. Elective- III.
  2. General Seminar.
  3. Project.
  4. Preliminary Dissertation Seminar.

Semester 4

  1. Final Dissertation Seminar.
  2. Dissertation.

List of Possible Electives.

  • Air Pollution Control.
  • Refrigeration & Cryogenics.
  • Propulsion Technology.
  • Gas Dynamics.
  • Energy Conversion Systems.
  • Thermal Environmental Engineering. 
  • Power Plant Engineering 
  • Comp. Methods in Thermal & Fluid Engineering.
  • Food Preservation Technology.
  • Turbo Machines.
  • Solar Energy.
  • Engine Emission Control.


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