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AMU Btech (engineering) Syllabus 1st Year

amu 1st year btech syllabus

Hey guys now as you have entered in 1st year of engineering you need to very much precise about your study in respect to have good academic records . Now to schedule your study and other things you firstly need 1st Year syllabus of ( engineering in AMU or Aligarh Muslim University .Don't worry AMUKhabar is always there for you in your four year journey of engineering and also afterwards .

Now you are already an engineer and you need to be good in academics , extra curriculum and must be aware in whats going on around the world , so its better to map out your college and daily life accordingly.The best way to achieve anything is to explore all the options that can lead you to that goal.Now your first year first goal is to score good marks in academics and pass on to next year without having any supplementary or any back .For that the first thing you need is Aligarh Muslim University 1st year (1st sem and 2nd sem ) syllabus for (engineering).

B tech 1st Year syllabus Aligarh Muslim University :-

Now the best thing about first year of engineering in Aligarh Muslim university is that all the streams i.e 1st year (1st sem and 2nd sem) electronics and communication engineering syllabus (ece) , computer and science engineering syllabus (cse),mechanical engineering syllabus (mech),civil engineering syllabus ,information technology engineering syllabus (it)or any other are same  .All the engineering students in Aligarh Muslim University study the same subjects covered in two semesters which is a great advantage of learning basics of engineering at same level and to mould your mind in a much better way .

You need to map out your all subjects and need to do some research what can be best resource books for you in order to secure good marks in that subjects . If you have your btech 1st year syllabus then you can easily work out those subjects in which you think you have less interest with those in which you think you can gain in much easier way .

We hope that this article and our resources will help you out through out you engineering life with on going studies , with jobs and any other help that can make your engineering study much more easy and resource full .You can always contact us in any need regarding study in AMU university . 

You can download your btech 1st  year syllabus from the given window below :-

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